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Casio AP-270

Casio AP-270

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Casio AP-270

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The Celviano family of pianos is synonymous with piano authenticity. When a traditional grand piano is impractical, players around the world delight in the natural sound and touch of Celviano instruments. The AP-270 delivers the quality and refinement you've come to expect from Celviano, in a compact-yet-elegant cabinet that compliments any space. mer

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Veil. pris: NOK 8 995,00

Specialpris NOK 7 995,00

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Casio AP-270-white 1
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Veil. pris: NOK 8 995,00

Specialpris NOK 7 995,00



The AP-270's award-winning AiR Sound Source includes two beautiful new stereo grand piano tones which comes alive with realistic damper resonance, simulating the entire body of the instrument, not just the strings. The AP-270 also features a stunning New York grand piano Tone, with a wide dynamic range suitable for many genres. In addition to pianos, the AP-270 features a variety of 19 instrument Tones, with the ability to layer and split them as needed. With a generous 192 notes of polyphony, even the most complex performances will sound perfectly natural.


The acclaimed Tri-Sensor II Scaled Hammer Action piano keys give you an incredibly realistic and natural feel. The simulated ebony and ivory textures complete the experience, combined with an innovative hammer action that is accurately scaled across the entire key range. Adjustable touch sensitivity allows customization to suit any playing style, and adjustable hammer response accurately reproduces the delay between when the key is struck and a note is produced.


The AP-270 includes a powerful stereo amplification system. The speakers are conveniently located for an optimal listening experience, and are crystal-clear across the entire audio spectrum. The AP-270's sleek design conceals the speakers from obvious view, preserving the natural aesthetic of a wooden instrument.


The AP-270 is not only ideal for practice and performance, but also for lesson environments. You can connect two sets of headphones using the ¼” jacks on the front panel, allowing quiet practice. Duet Mode splits the piano into two equal pitch ranges, allowing a student and teacher to sit at the same instrument.


The built-in Music Library contains 60 songs, with room for ten additional songs of your choice. You can also record your performances using the AP-270’s two-track MIDI recorder.


Thoughtfully designed to compliment any décor, the AP-270 is available in either a black, or walnut and includes a matching bench. Its compact, elegant cabinet with sliding key cover adds to the beauty of any room.


The AP-270 connects via class-compliant USB to any PC, Mac, iOS, or Android device, with no drivers or installations needed.


Vilkår new
Utstilt i nettbutikken bare
Series Casio Celviano
Bluetooth Nei
Polyfoni 192
Type tangent Plastic Keys
Mekanik 88 keys, Tri-sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard Ⅱ, Simulated ebony and ivory keys, 3 sensitivity levels
Lydkilde Multi-dimensional Morphing AiR
Interne lyder 19
Demo sanger Yes
Opptaker Yes
Udgangseffekt 8 W + 8 W
Andre funksjoner Connection to app, Lesson Function - Part ON / OFF, Lesson Part Select - Right hand, Left hand, MIDI Recorder - 2 tracks, 1 song, Approximate Data Capacity - Approximately 5,000 notes total, Duet Mode, Octave Shift - ±2 octaves, Metronome - 0 to 9 beats;
Tilsluttningsmuligheter PHONES/OUTPUT, Connector for 3-Pedal Unit, USB TO HOST
Pedaler 3
Vekt 36 kg
Bredde 141 cm
Dybde 43 cm
Høyde 82 cm
Vekt av boks 1 47 kg.
Vekt av boks 2 Nei
Størrelse på boks 1 152x56x45 cm
Størrelse på boks 2 Nei
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